Epoxy & Hardwood Wall Art

Epoxy & Hardwood Wall Art


This beautiful handmade piece of wall art consists of contrasting hardwoods seperated by pigmented epoxy. This piece is by custom order only *no two pieces are alike*


To order:

- Contact me informing me about your interest in this piece

- Choose 1-4 hardwoods to be featured in this piece (Popular picks include; Dark Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Purple Heart, Mahogany)

- Choose your desired resin color or choose to have multiple pigments mixed (Any pigment available)

- Decide the overall dimensions for this piece


This piece is also available in a staggered setting consisting of 3 pieces designed to be mounted in a staggered or seperated fashion on your wall. An intricate handmade piece like this is sure to bring attention to your space!