Maple Floating Shelf / Contemporary Design

Maple Floating Shelf / Contemporary Design


This listing is for your chance to get the perfect shelf/shelves for your house, apartment, bedroom, bathroom, entertaining area etc! I hand make these beautiful shelves using maple wood. If you have a specific hardwood in mind and wish for your shelf to be made with a different wood then I encourage you to message me and we can set up a custom listing. 


These shelves are high quality and made with a seamless design for a modern and clean look!


If the dimension you are looking for is not available in the "variations" box, feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to give you an estimated price on your specific shelf/shelves.


This shelf is installed using a piece of wood that will be secured to the wall where you plan to mount your shelf. This piece of wood is included and will have predrilled holes for your convenience. Once you mount this piece of wood to the wall, simply slide the shelf onto the wood and secure it with finishing nails or screws. (Nail or screw the shelf into the wood that you secured to the wall, do not nail or screw the shelf directly to the wall)


*Hardware not included unless requested*


Shelf installation tutorial video posted on this listing


*if you know the exact area where you wish to mount the shelf please contact me and I  will predrill the holes exactly where you need them*


- The shelf pictured is in my "Golden Brown" finish